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Seale Plumbing: Seale Plumbing and Rooter Service is under the property of Patrick Seale. He is a third generation plumber with over 22 years working experience and has worked in Ireland, London, Australia, and now Garden Grove. We have the excellence and great mannerism when providing Garden Grove plumbing services. A City and Guilds Advanced Plumbing Craft Certificate was acquired by Patrick Seale, operator of Seale Plumbing, after he has graduated a Plumbing apprenticeship in London’s North West School of Technology from 1990 to 1994. He is a certified Plumbing Contractor in Garden Grove. He is based out of Fullerton, but he provides Plumbing Services to Los Angeles and Orange Country. Seale Plumbing is a company owned by a family, and we are glad to provide the ideal services that every family requires. We carry out our services with utmost respect to ensure the cooperation of our clients towards us. Our motto is “Under promise and over deliver”. This means that we’ll do all promised services to the best of our capability. You won’t find other plumber in Garden Grove that can assure you that!

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With our experienced plumbers, certainly your plumbing problems will be aided without delays and with excellent quality. Seale Plumbing and Rooter Service is aimed at building a trustful relationship with our valued clients. Our clients alone promote our services, cutting our costs that we would typically spend in promoting. As a result, we can lower down the expenses of our services in plumber Garden Grove. You can directly speak to a real plumber when you call Seale Plumbing and Rooter Service. We will gather the details and then try to establish the issue and then make a scheduled appointment on the spot to come out to identify the problem. Find out why we are the plumber Garden Grove wants you to hire! You won’t experience being hold on the line once you call or even wait for a plumber to give you a call back.

With the expertise and experience that our plumbers have, your plumbing needs will be meet very quickly. Seale Plumbing and Rooter Service plumbers are educated of innovative tactics and use of technological equipment since they are trained under plumbing courses. Another thing that we take pride of is promoting Green Plumbing practices, which is not just advantageous to the people but in addition to our surroundings.

Thank you for seeing our site and we would appreciate the chance to make your business and assist with all of your plumbing requirements. Curious where to find a plumber in Anaheim? Just click on our Anaheim plumbing page!

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