How to Hire a Good Fullerton Plumber

You are building or remodeling your home and it comes down to the plumbing aspect, exasperation sets in as you assess the tedious task and you ask yourself; “how to hire a good plumber?” Plugging your question into a search engine may take hours for you to consider and locate the right person you have in mind, but we at Seale Plumbing finds that question easily answered; “just join the Seale Plumbing family!”


Considering all that you need to get done, you need a cost effective, efficient and trusted Fullerton plumber. So you will first need to research and get recommendations from other homemakers like yourself, get quotations from the possible companies and, compare price and service quality. If you have already covered this aspect then we bet you have been pushed around by a few large companies or given vague information unless you actually decide to use them.

Well, unlike those companies, Seale Plumbing is a small family business owned and operated by Patrick Seale who is a bonded licensed and insured plumber with over 22 years of experience in countries like London, Australia, Ireland and now in Fullerton. Based on old fashioned family values and etiquette we carry our motto with pride “Under promise and over deliver”. Making empty promises is below our company values, we treat you how you deserve to be treated. Instead of being pushed around by large companies or hear a voice mail, when you contact us you will get an actual plumber to make an appointment to diagnose the problem or the issue you identified. Your service is guaranteed to be dealt with in a professional and timely manner. Depending on the size of your house, age and location we will guide you step by step to a suitable plumbing arrangement. Nothing will be left in the dark, all details on the job will be available to you for your consideration.

To ensure your plumbing job to a successful end you will need a trusted and recognized plumbing company. Being it installations complete remodeling or repairs you can trust us to provide you with accurate and affordable pricings and quality work to see your plumbing project to its end.