Kitchen Sink Leak? Fullerton Leak Detection Expert at Your Service!

Did you know that every year, approximately 14% of water in American households are wasted due to leaks? Each time a dripping pipe or leaking sink goes un-repaired it causes devastating effects to your home and not to mention your wallet, by causing your water bill to skyrocket. Well, that kitchen sink isn’t going to fix itself so consider the dangers of not fixing a leak in your home today.

Mold and Rot

Leaks promote them both. Wood and paper? Are mold’s best friends. You see, once water leaks into these places it warps and festers. If that wood stays wet it will lead to rot. Rotted wood is no good. So be on the look out for sunken floors or strange, musty smells; these can be signs of mold or worse yet a leak of some kind.

Water Damage and Insurance


Most people aren’t aware that money spent on fixing water damage to your home cannot be fully claimed on some insurance policies. Some of that money can be reimbursed if reported right away, but any insurance company can deem you negligent and refuse to pay.

Mold and Health

You can find mold both inside and outside of your home and leaks, gives way for mold to manifest and multiply in your home. Mold can cause congestion, irritation of the nose, eyes, throat and skin and in extreme cases, various lung illnesses can arise. So, fixing your leak and fixing it fast can potentially save you or your loved one’s lives.

Other Helpful Tips

It’s not always possible to catch all leaks, but you can take some added precautions in order to prevent mold buildup:
– Control the air flow in your home by keeping humidity levels low
– Have a properly ventilated bath, laundry or kitchen area
– Always clean thoroughly after a leak

And our number 1 tip – Always hire a professional Fullerton leak detection expert for your plumbing works, you’ll be glad you did! If you think you can handle it on your own head over the official Drain Support website and give it a shot.