Repiping Your Orange County Home – What You Need to Know

You should be aware that all home owners at some point will need to dedicate some time to repiping their home. In general, repiping your home is simply identifying the areas in the plumbing system where issues such as leaks, rust, faulty connections and corrosion may have occurred and replacing it accordingly. Take a general look at repiping your home. Knowing when to replace your piping depends on how much attention you choose to pay, or it may be a rude awakening after hideous water or leaks damage visible parts of your home. Some homeowners may make the mistake of replacing their damaged pipes with the same material that eroded (like galvanized pipes) without even taking time to examine other options or techniques. Being a part of the Seale Plumbing family eliminates this vicious cycle and promotes worthy reliable Orange County repiping in your home.


When the affected areas have been identified we will help you decide on a better piping material to utilize, for example PVC is a cheap, new and efficient option. Copper, also, due to its long lasting durability but it is expensive. Based on our meeting about your Fullerton plumbing, we would derive an option that best suits your budget and piping needs. Also, the best types of piping for different usage that may include cold and hot water. For example; PVC pipes are used mainly for cold water while CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl plastic pipe) is designed for hot water connections.

Once the required materials are purchased, we will proceed with repiping your home in a professional manner to ensure that the job is correctly done with little to no excess damage. Before actual removal of the old pipes, the main water supply should be shut off and all excess water in all pipes and commodes must be drained. All old pipes must be properly disposed. Installation of the new pipes will be done properly (using quality bonding agents like PVC glue or solder) and all cut pipes are debarred to result in satisfied service and plumbing to stand the test of time.